• Ultima Cosa

    This app has been a great asset for our business across the world. Valider helps us avoid manual address corrections by 98%, saving us time and money. We highly recommend this app to any store that deals with customers who enter incorrect addresses frequently


    By using this app, we have significantly reduced the number of orders with wrong addresses - which makes our fulfillment process much more efficient!

  • Dave & Adam's

    One of the limitations of Shopify is that it does not offer a way to prevent customers from using PO Boxes as their shipping address. This can cause problems for some merchants who need a physical address for delivery. Valider solves this issue by detecting PO Boxes at checkout and asking customers to provide a street address on the order confirmation page.

  • Firstmate Controls Inc

    Our goal was to prevent common mistakes in address input. For this purpose, we used Valider, a user-friendly application that allows various adjustments and customizations.

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Reduce Failed Deliveries & Save Costs

Ensure that the addresses entered by customers are verified in real-time (using data from reliable sources such as USPS, Canada Post and Google). Then Valider will suggest corrections and alternatives for invalid or incomplete addresses, allowing customers to choose the best option for their delivery. This can save you time, money and hassle by reducing shipping errors, delays and returns.

Increase Customer Life-time Value

Reduce admin & cost overheads with fewer shipping complaints. Improve customer satisfaction, increase conversions and enhance your brand reputation.

Simple Installation

Valider can work with any Shopify theme and app, without requiring any coding or customization.


Valider is fully optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop devices

  • Prevent Invalid Addresses

    Provide customers with suggestions for fixing errors and warnings for unverifiable addresses.

  • Block Undeliverable Addresses

    You can adjust the settings to avoid PO Boxes, DHL Packstations, Parcel Lockers, and/or invalid addresses.

  • Fully Customizable

    You can customize the app according to your preferences - you can choose the colors, messaging and functionality that suit you best.

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